Please keep in mind that when we speak of traditional products we refer to authentic traditional products prepared according to the original recipes and methods!!!

We can supply you with:

, a handmade shell-shaped pasta of Albanian origin which combines perfectly with Myzithra – undoubtedly, one of our shop’s specialties. In addition, we offer two special types of pie: handmade tiropitari and prasopitari, which correspond to cheese pie and leek pie respectively.

produced from relatively small, independent producers, who use only natural ingredients.

Sheep milk Yogurt
from Dervenohoria (a municipality in Boeotia prefecture in central Greece), Strained Yogurt from Trikala, Cow milk yogurt produced in limited quantities.



An extensive selection of Rusks, Crispbreads, Biscuits (North American Cookies) and Dried Fruits and Nuts.

Fine Thyme Honey from Vounihora and Erythres, two country villages in Central Greece.

, a Middle Eastern confection consisting chiefly of crushed sesame seeds and honey, and Tahini (a thick paste from ground sesame seeds) produced in Drapetsona, a southwestern suburb of Piraeus.

Mountain tea
(Ironwort), Camomile, Lemon Verbena, Garden Sage from the island of Euboea.







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