You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and high quality of our prepared meat products, a result of our collaboration with relatively small, independent producers.

We offer:

Stremmenos products:

naturally aged Prosciutto
naturally aged air-cured Sausage

wine marinated & oven roasted Ham


Stremmenos Pork Meat Factory in the picturesque village of Proussos in Evritania, a mountainous district in central Greece, produces exquisite organic food according to traditional recipes.


Fine quality prepared meats from Drama (northeastern Greece):

  • Pastrami: brined, partly dried, seasoned with various herbs and spices and, then, smoked and steamed beef meat
  • Kavourma: salted, heavily roasted beef meat, the best of its kind
  • Three variations of Beef Leg smoked in wood fired heat: au naturel, with paprika or with pepper
  • Smoked Turkey Steak with paprika
  • Mortadella: an international tasting competition award winner

    the whole variety of Miran products, including:
  • Pastourma (Pastirma): highly seasoned, air-cured beef meat
  • Soutzouki: highly seasoned air-cured beef and sheep meat
  • Air-cured Sausage (with oregano): mildly seasoned beef and sheep meat


We, also, offer many types of smoked, wine marinated or otherwise processed beef or pork Sausages coming from many parts of Greece.


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