All our customers show a strong preference towards our barrel-aged Feta. Aged exclusively in wooden barrels for long periods of time, it comes in three types: hard, hard and piquant, semi-hard.


We also offer three variations of Original Goat’s Cheese: brine-cured cheese, bandaged cheese (aged in cheesecloth) and cheese aged in basket. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention here another tasty variation of Feta, our Soft White Cheese, an excellent cheese aged in wooden barrels.


We have excellent Myzithra made out of a blend of milk from both sheep and goats, which, amevgals it is neither fatty nor annoyingly salty, serves perfectly as a grating cheese. Our Manouri-Myzithra (Myzithra produced from Kefalotyri, a hard, salty yellow cheese made from sheep’s and/or goat’s milk) is much softer and has proved to be a highly satisfactory table cheese. Furthermore, you can always find Anthotyros, a fine fresh cream cheese supplied to us on a three-times-a-week basis. Anthotyros, literally translated as flower cheese, is a traditional, unpasteurized cheese made from ewe’s and/or goat’s whey with the addition of milk. Moreover, we never run out of fine Cretan Xynomyzithra (a sour variant of Myzithra).


Additionally, our list of white cheeses includes the following:

  • original Katiki Domokou: a curd cheese, white in color and creamy in texture, produced traditionally from goat’s milk or from a mi xture of goat’s and ewe’s milk
  • Manouri: a cheese produced traditionally from the whey of sheep’s milk or goat’s milk (or from a mixture of the two) to which sheep’s or goat’s milk or cream is added – this cheese is highly esteemed for its exceptional health benefits
  • Galotyri: a soft table cheese with a creamy texture produced traditionally from sheep's milk or goat’s milk or from their mixture
  • Talagani Messinias: this rare cheese, a handmade traditional sheep’s milk cheese, is delicious when grilled
  • Mastelo cheese from Chios Island: a tasty and digestive skinless cheese with soft texture
  • Cypriot Halloumi: Halloumi, which is popular worldwide, combines the texture of Mozzarella with the briny moisture of Feta 


And we continue with a broad variety of both domestic and imported cheeses which ensure satisfaction for even the most discerning palates.

We offer:

  • Graviera che ese (a slightly sweet, high quality cheese, Greece’s second most popular after Feta) in many variations: traditional Gravi era –spicy or not– and Kefalograviera from several locations in Greece (Zalongo, Metsovo, Vonitsa, Amfiloc hia, Arta, Crete, Naxos, Tinos, Mytilini) as well as goat Graviera cheese from Metsovo and Crete
  • exceptional variations of Kefalotyri: a cheese with golden yellow color, rich aroma and salty, piquant flavor, ideal as both an appetizer and a grating cheese
  • original Kasseri from Mytilini (Lesvos Island):a medium-hard pale yellow cheese with soft texture, made from unpasteurized milk
  • semi-hard Divanni cheese: this fine melting cheese, a variant of Kasseri, is a traditionally produced cheese of superior quality
  • Pecori no cheese from Amfilochia (in western Greece): indisputably the best grating cheese


But this is not all, you can also find:

  • San Michali cheese from Syros: named after the local Roman Catholic Church of the island of Syros, this piquant Parmesan-like cheese is one of the few Greek cheeses made exclusively from cow’s milk
  • smoked Mets ovone: a rich, hard, yellow cheese from the famous Tositsa cheese factory in Epirus
  • Chevre from the aforementioned factory:  a piquant white cheese, made from sheep's and goat's milk, studded with black peppercorns – the so-called “evzone of cheeses” because of its excellence
  • Ladotyri from Mytilini, Lesvos Island: Ladotyri, which literally means oil cheese, is a hard cheese steeped and aged in olive oil
  • Arseniko: a delectable soft white cheese from the island of Naxos
  • Cretan Malaka: this soft variation of Kefalotyri is ideal as a cooking ingredient
  • Anevato cheese, a soft, grainy cheese, white in color, with a –slightly sour– pleasant taste and aroma


In addition, we offer an excellent selection of imported cheeses: French Roquefort aged in the cave of Saint Jean, Reggiano Parmesan from Italy, a cheese which undergoes a 24-month aging process, Pecorino Romano cheese, Emmental from both Austria and Switzerland, Gouda and Edam cheese from Holland and Danish Blue Cheese.



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